The Whole Truth to the Whole World Acts 2:38

My 9/11 Poem

February 5, 2019 by Posted in: Uncategorized

Photo Credit: CBN News Twas not day nor was it light When she arose from the night Would not be much more than an hour That she would be at work in the tower She got on her knees to pray as she knelt on the floor Not just a sentence but a whole lot more She prayed for her kids, her nation and kin Not knowing that day of those horrible men Who despised the life of others and their own Thinking in their minds to their god they’d be known So after her coffee and a roll She left the house for the stroll Up the lane and down the street Smiling to all that she did meet Twas not long fore she entered the door Took the Elevator to the 73rd floor Greeting co-workers as she took her seat Picked up some fallen papers at her feet Looking out the window suddenly she cried alas As the plane came crashing through the glass Now Satan their god was ever so pleased and laughed and shouted in glee For that morning his followers had bowed to him on their knee Twas Tuesday Sept 11th of that horrible day When children in school were not allowed to pray The pledge of allegiance was all they could speak Before sitting at their desks with a squeak But school was not out on that solemn day When rules were broken as they sobbed and did pray In school that day they prayed for those that did die They cried to the God that was way up in the sky Jesus our God looked down from above Heard the cry of the people that he did love He reached down his hands to the WTC And took his children of that you can see Many a person will never be found Among the rubble that fell to the ground Some there were not known and of little fame But our Jesus knew them all by their Name His promise is still true For one day out of the blue Jesus will come and above we will go And we will be able to tell the world I told you so

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