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Into His wonderful Path

This is a Bible study designed to reveal to you the proper way to rightly divide the Bible. Remember this: There are two paths that people walk in this life. Both are eternal, One leads to eternal death, The other leads to eternal life . Let it be realized at this point that death in the bible never was defined as ceasing to exist. The Greek word for death was "Thanatos". It always meant separation. Natural death is separation of the Body and Spirit. Spiritual death is separation of man and God. Eternal spiritual death means the eternal separation of man and God. Life ( Greek word "zoe" ) as defined in the bible means union. Spiritual eternal life then means a eternal union between man and God. This is only brought about by careful selection of the path that you travel.

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Salvation Plan

Salvation could be divided into two categories? The first would be with you accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour without following the plan that Jesus spoke to Nicodemus about. This first category takes the chance that even though Jesus Christ did not give me the new birth he has still saved you? This plan takes you to the Judgement of God to find out if your plan was enough. The second category assures you of your salvation as long as you continue with him. This is the one spoken by Jesus Christ in St. John  chapter 3 and fulfilled in Acts chapter 2. You need to read both of these chapters and understand that all of the early disciples were recipients of this salvation. So my question to you is: Do you want to be saved in the way Jesus spoke of or in the way the modern church tells you.

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End Times

Did you know that Jesus Christ could come today? We are living in the very day that Jesus Christ spoke of. Today the family structure has been eroded. God's people and Minister's have instructed more along the lines of standards rather than real sin. The result has been immorality and more immorality. One lady came to me for counseling and was so proud that she had never trimmed her hair, but admitted to living with a man outside marriage and bearing children by him. Many of our children are living together out of wedlock and feel no remorse. Transgenders and Gays attend church and make a mockery of God because they did not come to repent of their sin they came to rejoice in it. Today more than at any other time we must ready ourselves for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Apostolic Doctrine


After many years the church began to stray further and further away from the true Apostolic message. It is my goal to enlighten all of this and to present the Whole Apostolic message enabling all to be able to know the whole truth.


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